Preventing an unmarried partner from becoming homeless

Ahmed was in a relationship with Caroline.  They had been together for many years.  Caroline even persuaded Ahmed to give up his council flat in order to move into a property that she owned.

Unfortunately, Caroline became ill and sadly passed away at the age of just 45.

Caroline never made a will, and so the rules of intestacy applied to her estate.  As Ahmed and Caroline were not married, applicable rules prevented him from inheriting anything from her, and required her entire estate to pass to her parents.

To make matters worse, Caroline’s parents had never approved of her relationship with Ahmed, and used the opportunity to seek to evict him from the home. We brought an Inheritance Act claim for Ahmed, and assisted him to secure financial provision from Caroline’s estate.  He received sufficient funds to enable him to acquire a suitable home for himself.  We acted for Ahmed on a No Win No Fee basis.